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Managed Futures Accounts


Managed futures trading accounts are professionally managed and give clients and investors the opportunity of expanding their portfolio allocations beyond equities and bonds into futures and foreign exchange and and have become a very popular investment for diversifying investment portfolios. Managed future trading allows investors to participate in virtually all sectors of the global economy and take part in market fluctuations independent of the stock and bond markets. Click Here to receive more information on managed future risk, profit/loss information and fee schedule disclosures to help you select the right match for your particular account size, market focus and trading style.

While realizing that diversification from traditional stock and bond investments is critical to individuals and institutions seeking profit opportunities within the futures markets, many find value in having a professional CTA manage day-to-day responsibility and trading of their account. 


Managed Futures Accounts  

  • Ability to invest in any economic environment
  • Reduce portfolio volatility risk
  • Broader portfolio diversification beyond stocks & bonds
  • Transparency – 24/7 customer access to account via the internet
  • Liquidity – no “lock-up” period; cash available within as few as 48 hours
  • Individual segregated account rather than a fund. Assets are held in individual client’s name


Managed Investment Trading Program

The Barclay CTA Index is a leading industry benchmark of representative performance of commodity trading advisors. This index is limited to advisors who choose to submit their performance data to Barclays. There are currently 565 programs included in the calculation of the Barclay CTA Index for the year 2011, which is un-weighted and rebalanced at the beginning of each year.

To qualify for inclusion in the CTA Index, an advisor must have four years of prior performance history. Additional programs introduced by qualified advisors are not added to the Index until after their second year. Infinity Trading Corporation in no way guarantees the accuracy of these numbers and has supplied them to you for informational purposes only.

Learn how to manage risk across all major asset classes – interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities and metals. Discover how managed futures within a well-balanced portfolio may:

  • Lower overall portfolio risk
  • Enhance overall portfolio returns
  • Broaden diversification opportunities
  • Thrive in a variety of economic environments
  • Limit losses due to flexibility and discipline


Infinity Trading Corporation is not affiliated in any way with The Barclay CTA Index and will assist in finding a suitable third party CTA depending upon individual clients specifications. For further information regarding Managed Futures as an investment tool for your portfolio contact Infinity Trading corporation at 1.888.456.8090.