Firetip Platform

On August 11, 2012, in commodity brokers news report, by Infinity Trading

August 11th, 2012

Firetip is a full featured professional-grade trading platform

Firetip is our proprietary platform, and as such we believe it has some of the coolest features you’ll find anywhere.

Firetip was developed by traders, for traders with user-friendly order entry for the beginning trader to advanced capabilities for those old hands looking for a powerful and versatile workhorse of a platform.

Bracket Orders

Place your entry order and a contingent stop and limit order with one click. Simply create your “Bracket Strategy” (identifying the profit and loss objectives), enable it, and then place your trade!

Define your trading strategy and set it to run automatically
Place contingency orders with one click from the Advanced Trader
Multiple Bracket Orders, including Simple Bracket, OCO, OTO, & more
Designed for novice to advanced traders

Trading Matrix

Select, track, and trade contracts on your personal, up-to-the-second trading dashboard.

Organize and track the markets you’re interested in watching
Advanced charting and market depth analysis – only a click away
Enable One-Click trading for ultimate trading control

Preset Strategies

Strategies are preset bracket orders that allow you to specify and save profit/loss targets. So just enable your strategies & the next time you trade, Firetip will do the rest.

Create multiple strategies
Set strategies for specific markets


Set alerts to notify you of specific market conditions.

Receive notifications via text, email, or alarm.
Set alerts for a variety of markets
Alert parameters may include last price, last bid price, change on the day, & others.

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