cocoa futures news

cocoa futures news

June 1st, 2016

Cocoa plantations in Ghana are “in dire need of rainfall”, thanks to sustained West African dryness which threatening both quality and production in Ivory Coast too, the International Cocoa Organization warned.

The ICCO – expanding on an upgrade late on Tuesday by 67,000 tonnes, to 180,000 tonnes, in its forecast for the world cocoa production deficit in 2016-17 – said that the revision reflected largely weaker harvest prospects in West Africa, which is responsible for more than 70% of global output.

“Extreme weather conditions, resulting from the severe Harmattan winds within the West African region, combined with the impact of El Niño, have negatively affected the 2015-16 harvests,” the ICCO said.

In Ivory Coast, the Harmattan – a hot and dry wind blowing in from the Sahara, and which has a history of hurting cocoa yields – is said “to be among the strongest in three decades”.

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